Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Phase 2, week 2

Hi all

At this point you should really just be looking at the past week. You can scan many headlines or try to summarize a source or two; in either case, it's important from now on that you keep the source with the information, not at the bottom.

Keep going with the map. You'll have to figure out how to indicate different types of information; we'll debrief in class.

Good luck.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Phase 2, Week 1

Welcome to Phase 2!

The primary task for this phase is weekly updates; follow the news, or updates to think tank projects, or anything else you have, and explain what's going on.

Again, these should only be about 150 words, and you have to give sources, hyperlinked at the bottom.

The secondary task is the map: Print a copy of a good, detailed map (I suggest a topographic map with place names), and mark new events each week.

We'll talk about it in class next week.
Good luck!