Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Phase 1, last week!

Hi all

This is it; your last chance to look at any questions you might still have on the rubric. Take a look back at your previous comments and sources. Take your time on it; you have until Nov 2 at 11 for this.

Like the last post, remember to hyperlink your sources and respect the word count - 200 max!

Have a good break!

Mr. H

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Phase 1, week 4

Hi all

(and sorry for posting so late)

Here is the complete rubric for the essay you will have to write:

The origin, length, general evolution, and current status of the conflict;
the names, motivations and relative strengths of each actor or belligerent;
any international or global threat posed by an escalation of the conflict.

You most likely have most of this information already. If you don't, you have two more entries before the essay is due. If you have more, it's allowed in the essay, but keep in mind the length you have to respect.
If you really feel like you could write the essay now, I would advise you to start doing Phase 2 stuff: find a good map and start to mark important places, and keep track of current events.

Please remember to copy the url of your sources into your message (or send it to me if you can't). Also, this week, there is a 200-word limit on the post!

Good luck

Mr. H

Friday, October 7, 2016

Phase 1, week 3

Hi all

By now, you should be getting comfortable with the general history of the conflict.
If you've gotten everything I've listed so far, there are a couple of new things you can look at:

A) You can try to figure out the recent pattern of violence : looking at news sources spread over the past year or so, you should be able to give a general summary of what's going on in terms of military action, anywhere on the spectrum from a quiet, immobile stalemate all the way to major military operations to take and hold territory.
B) The other thing you can try to discover is what each group in your conflict has publicly claimed as its mission or objective.

Starting with this post, I'd like you to copy-paste the URL of each of your sources at the bottom of your comment. This will be helpful for Phase 3, and it will make it easier to show if you find any significant differences.

Some tips for everyone:
1) Don't forget that some work on your conflict may well have been done by somebody last year: go back over old posts, find those people, and see what they've said in terms of background information, sources, etc.
2) Finding (even downloading and printing) a map of your conflict zone will make it easier to keep track of who owns what and what happens where.