Monday, September 26, 2016

Phase 1, week 2

Welcome back!

You're all off to a good start. I've sent you all some suggestions about what to look at next, but here are some other things:
Check for any significant wars or events that have defined the conflict.
See what you can find out about the leaders of relevant groups or governments: names, backgrounds, etc.

You'll probably need to go beyond the CFR site... now would be a good time to take note of the sources you find useful... they're likely to continue to be useful as the year goes on!

Good luck!

Sunday, September 18, 2016


Hi all

Welcome to the Modern Conflicts project!
During this school year, you will follow an ongoing conflict: anything from the war in Syria to cyber-espionage.  Each week you'll post a brief update on a variety of subjects.

There will be four main themes: Background, evolution, media coverage, and foreign involvement. They'll last about six weeks each, and in each week's post, I'll give you specific things to look for.

This week's assignment is simply a description of the who, where and why of your conflict. You can find this information on the conflict homepage, which is here.

You submit your entry by commenting on each week's post. (So I know it's you, always have your name and your conflict at the top of the post.)

Good luck!