Sunday, February 21, 2016

Phase 3 essay!

It needs to be 500-700 words

There are two main things to do in this essay
1) Describe how your sources deal with your conflict
     Do they take sides? *
     How much coverage has there been?

2) Compare the sources themselves
(In cases with an asterisk, you MUST use evidence to support what you are saying: How do you know it’s taking sides? What counts as easy or complex language?)

It is due on FRIDAY MARCH 4, in a google doc shared with me. Don't post it here!

Good luck!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Phase 3, final post!

Hi guys

So this is it for this phase; next up, the essay. I will give you all exact details on Tuesday, but it will involve the four topics I listed a few weeks back as well as summary of what angle each source has on your conflict.

If you're missing any of that stuff, this is the time to work on it!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Phase 3-5

Hi all

This is the penultimate week for this phase.

Here is the quick version of what I would have covered in class if we had had time:
Newspapers are the rough draft of history
If you can decode the news, you can understand how history gets written, and why people think what they do.

Most sources are regular businesses; they worry about
     readers' preferences

(most have some “opinion" content:
     syndicated columns,

Some sources have varying degrees of connection to the government
     Official publications (government or party)

     Pro-government because of pressure 

NB: there is nothing automatically "wrong" or nefarious about these biases; these people aren't necessarily Bond villains!

What is this source doing and why?
You should by now be able to move beyond the article-by-article analysis and see what the source does in general. Having identified what it is doing, you also should draw some conclusions as to why.