Monday, January 4, 2016

Phase 3!

Hi all

Starting this week, we're moving in to phase three!

Phase three is a little different from the last two because we're also reading Darkness at Noon every week.

Instead of a full blog entry, you will need to give hyperlinks and a one-sentence description of what each source is saying and how (This requires reading it!)

Over the course of the six weeks, you will also have to give extra bits of information about the sources, which I will let you know about each week.


    Institute of War
    The fewest amount of Russian airstrikes this week, with speculated reasons as to why, since beginning of involvement in Syria.
    SANA News
    Russia’s absolutely breathtaking exploits of airstricking terrorists, and strongly helping Syria.

  2. Tehran Times
    This article states that the US and Iran are days away from finishing their nuclear deal, which will ameliorate both countries relations.

    NY Times
    This article/video confirms what has been said by the Tehran Times, it states that the deal is going to be finalized in the next couple of days.

  3. + - (almost identical articles)
    Topic: A freezing region in Ukraine had no gas supply until Russia provided.
    Angle: Russian point of view; biased - Russia seen as savior of helpless population neglected by Ukraine. - Jan. 3rd + Jan. 5th
    Topic: Ukraine put into effect a retaliatory food embargo on Russia until Moscow’s is cancelled + Ukraine petition for UN peacekeeping mission and concerns to how Russia will probably veto it since it is a permanent member of the UN security council
    Angle: Outside point of view perhaps more on Ukrainian side as it gives more information on Ukraine/EU and portrays Russia as a great obstacle.

  4. 9/1/16 - Egypt’s economy still struggling. Another terrorist attack in Egypt
    -Daily News Egypt :
    The governmental news media briefly explains what happened in Hurghada last friday night while claiming that the country will not fall under terrorists despite the multitude attacks ; the news in Egypt refer to the assailants as “militants” and the government also disagrees on details such as the number of people injured and if the tourists were shot or stabbed.
    -the :
    Tourist numbers dwindle in Sharm el Sheikh since russian plane crash and the Egyptian citizen fear that they will not come back ; british tourists are crucial and make up a large percentage in the Egyptian economy therefore their absence leaves the working force no choice but to go back home, a poor home, or immigration in Europe.

  5. Internal Conflict in South Sudan:

    The Sudan Tribune:

    This article seems to say that South Sudan is on its way to finding a solution to its on-going crisis. It also seems to be criticizing the government more than the opposing rebels, possibly indicating on the newspaper's political views.

    UN News Center:

    To the UN, who might have a larger view on the conflict than the Sudan Tribune, the civil war is not ameliorating, and has in fact grown worse. The incapability of South Sudan and its neighbouring countries to take action called upon in this article.

  6. Senkaku/Diaoyu island conflict:

    The Diplomat:

    This article states that after all this time, it's the first time they identified an armed chinese vessel approach the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands.
    angle: the article is posting statements about both the chinese and japanese point of view, but the Japanese point of view is more developped. It's important to note that there are factual details and the journalist either named the islands, "Senkaku/Diaoyu island" or the "Senkaku islands".

    China Daily:

    The article talks about the same topic as the article above. However it all holds in a smaller paragraph.
    angle: The title obviously shows how China is on the defense about the situation. There are more statements from the chinese side than the japanese side, there are absolutely no facts and only the name "Diaoyu islands" is used.

  7. Political instability in Libya:


    In this article the BBC talks about a bomb attack that occured on a police training centre and ISIL's recent attempts to take over oil fields.
    Angle: The BBC in the title instantly blames ISIS for the attack.

    Al Jazeera:

    The information in the article is similar to that of the BBC's. Al Jazeera also emphasizes ISIL's effiency in taking over oil fields. However it states that "No one has claimed responsibility for the assault."

    angle: Al Jazeera unlike the BBC did not put the blame on ISIL straight away, although it did talk about ISIL's ability to take over large oil fields

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  9. Afghanistan:
    The US observes that the situation in war-torn Afghanistan is still difficult yet hopeful: a couple of US soldiers were killed in Helmand, but Afghan forces are "getting better" at defending themselves with the US help. The article seems to mock a bit the US (it starts with 'Washington' written in big), as even though there has been some successful fights, the situation seems to have generally grown more violent in comparision to the peace-talks who were initially organized with the Taliban...
    The situation in the country might get better as peace-talks are organized between Pakistan, China, the US and Afghanistan. However, the country is still far from peace as the Taliban are not participating to the meetings, and have increased bloodshed.The article points out the government's necessity for help and support from outside forces in order to counter the Taliban's increasingly threatening attitude.

    1. "WASHINGTON"in this case refers to where the article was written. Many news outlets start their articles like this. Sometimes later in the article they'll refer to "here," and that's how you know where they're talking about.

    2. For example, the next article start with "ISLAMABAD"

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  11. South China Sea
    This article describes the first landing of a civil aircraft on one of China’s man-made islands.
    Angle: According to international law: what China is doing is wrong.
    China states clearly that the landing of a civil aircraft was a matter “completely within Chinese sovereignty” and that Vietnam’s accusations are unfounded.
    Angle: China has done nothing wrong and will not be intimidated by other countries.

  12. AQAP:
    The Yemen Post (TYP) describes the recent protests held in the country’s capital against airstrikes and the use of banned munitions by the coalition. It also recounts the events leading up to said protests.
    Like most news sources readily available to a reader outside Yemen , TYP is anti Houthi and denounces the involvement of Saudi Arabia as the major cause of the violence.
    News Yemen reports on the latest attack against the Houthi rebels.
    Contrary to TYP or, as I said, most news outlets following the Yemeni conflict, News Yemen seems partial to the Houthis- they are portrayed here as the victims of the attacks.

  13. East China Sea:
    This article is much shorter than Reuters' and offers way less insight on the situation. It also seems to cite the Chinese side more often which gives it a more biased and defensive tone.
    Being an international newspaper, Reuters provides a more global and unbiased version of the story. They give their own insight as well as a relatively balanced mix of comments from both sides. Much more informative overall.

  14. Iranian Nuclear Conflict:

    -New York Times:

    This article shows us the conflict, even though it seems close to the end, is not yet finished due to tensions. The U.S stays cautious.

    -Tehran Times:

    Iran says the deal will soon be completely finished. Iran is very optimistic.

    Nicolas Rival

    The institute of the study of war says this week that the Russian airstrikes are decreasing and that they have been at their lowest this past month.
    Meanwhile, RT does not speak about the Russian airstrikes but did talk about the iraqui airstrike that killed a high placed leader of ISIS. Their airforce does have Russian planes in it.
    This document here says that a Saudi led airstrike has damaged a medecin sans frontière hospital. The Saudi are allied with the US in their war against ISIS

  16. Here, both newspapers discuss the Philadelphia shooting that took place earlier this January.
    “Philadelphia police: Man who tried to kill officer pledged allegiance to the Islamic State” – The Washington Post
    “Gunman Said He Shot Philadelphia Officer for ISIS, Police Say” – The New York Times
    Both headlines differ from one-another. The Washington Post’s headline seems a little less convincing and direct. It is by using the word “tried” that the WP makes the reader doubt
    The New York Times’ article about the wounded policeman in Philadelphia begins with a detailed context and explanation of the happening of the shooting, the New York Times is setting out the plot before explaining the story in detail.

    However, the Washington Post also describes the unfolding of the story, but does it in a less explicit fashion. The Washington Post discusses the same matter with a vaster point of view, they are directly comparing this with the other terrorist acts that have taken place in the last couple months.

  17. The Guardian
    Evidence was found to support President Buhari’s accusation of money being stolen from oil revenues and put into personal accounts. Investigations are attempting to get the money back. The president reinforces the idea that Nigeria’s money should not be devalued and that restrictions on access to foreign exchanges should be put into place. The Nigerian government decided to talk to the Islamist militants in order to bid for the release of the abducted girls of Chibok.
    NAIJ: Nigeria news
    President Buhari proposed to ban hijabs if Boko Haram attacks persist because many women preforming suicide attacks hide explosives in the hijabs. However, a large number of Nigerians are practicing Muslims and for them, this is a sensitive question.

  18. Uighur conflict in Xinjiang:

    China Daily:

    This article about the recent chinses Anti-Terrorism Law is very agressive, blaming the "Western governmentsand media" for wrongly criticizing the law, as well as taking the wrong choices, which is opposed to how the Chinese have learned from the wertern mistakes, and are now doing the right thing. The article refers to France multiple times, trying to ispire fear related to the recent terrorist attacks.


    This article, comming from reuters, tries to stay as unbiased as possible. It accentuates the threat that returning Uigurs are as more and more of them leave to join ISIS. This article tries to create fear.
    The article is clearly against the chinese government's actions/policies, as much more time is dedicated to explaining arguments of groups which are against the government then Beijing:
    "Rights groups say much of the unrest can be traced back to frustration at controls over the Uighurs' culture and religion, and that most of those who leave are only fleeing repression not seeking to wage jihad. China denies repressing rights."

  19. These articles were written after an anti terrorist law was passed in China stating that the government has the right to demand "technology support" from companies operating in the country. This includes access to hidden user accounts of those companies.

    US News:

    US News is strongly against this new law, as it "could give hackers another avenue to steal trade secrets from U.S. businesses and mine information about Americans"; but also adds that, given how the law was formulated, it is possible the government could take advantage of it without there being question of "terrorism", and that, since some US companies don't find this law advantageous, they could leave the country and it would be a blow to China's economy.

    Huffington Post:

    Very much like US News, Huffington Post does not think this law is an improvement, but stresses less on the anti terrorism aspect of it, and more on the political view, describing in more depth how "the new law also restricts press freedom in China", and how China is trying to sell such a law to the population.

  20. Terrorism on the US soil:
    -The Hill:

    This article talks about two middle east refugees who were arrested in recent days for being implicated with terrorism in Syria and might've be planning to continue their jihad on the American soil .
    Angle: The Hill seems to be more focused on defending the police who has been lied to for months by these two refugees and could thus not arrest both these men as soon as they stepped into the country.

    -Fox News:

    The same issue is being treated in this video.
    Angle: Fox news seem to be insisting on the fragility and supposedly weakness of the Obama refugee program that is threatening the security of the country in order to influence the readers and make them doubt as well of this humanitarian program.


  21. Crisis in Venezuela

    El Nacional
    The vice president of the National Assembly declares that to get Venezuela out of the crisis, Maduro and the National Assembly will have to work together. The article itself is quite optimistic (feeling that Venezuela is slowly coming out of the crisis) however it seems that they are criticizing Maduro because it says he hasn't started working yet.

    El Universal
    Maduro wants to increase the fish production in Venezuela because it could be a source of important wealth for the th country. This article is also really optimistic about Venezuela's actual condition and also showing an active president who wishes to move on.

  22. North Korean Conflict

    Korean Central News Agency

    Topic: North Korea claims to have “successfully conducted” an H-bomb test on Wednesday.
    Angle: This website is bluntly pro-North Korea government. The exaggerated (sometimes confusing) sentences reveal pride and optimism regarding the test ( “with indigenous wisdom”, “world startling event”) and show aggressiveness, however, towards the US (a “self-defense test” against the US, a “gang of cruel robbers”, “imperialist aggressor troops”)

    BBC news
    Topic: The rest of the world is sceptical about North Korea’s “hydrogen bomb” launch
    Angle: On an international perspective, BBC news reports that nuclear experts question the type of bomb it really was, as the detonation should have been “10 times greater” for an H-bomb. The article also mentions how the rest of the world is opposed to North Korea’s “worrying”, determined actions.

  23. Ukraine

    Reuters (

    On April 6, the Dutch will vote at a referendum about whether or not the EU should close its ties with Ukraine, but polls indicate that most are likely to vote against it, so the president of the European Commission warns them that it is a continental issue, not merely a national one, and that they could give president Putin an easy victory.

    The Telegraph (

    To wish its customers a happy new year, the Coca Cola company published a map of Russia, which first provoked controversy in Russia for it did not display Crimea in it, and later Ukraine protested against the second rectified map, so the firm finally decided to remove altogether its maps in order to preserve itself from participating in a political conflict.

    Adrien Lopez

  24. South China Sea Conflict:
    So NYT talked about the event one day after it happened. They talk about the U.S.'s response to the act and how China doesn't care. They also talk about the conflict and why this is a big deal.
    They also talk about how Vietnam is mad and are protesting against this. (keep this in mind)

    China Daily:
    China Daily just presents the event that happened with the reason why China did this. NYT and CD are very similar but there is something very weird between them. NYT talks about how Vietnam is against this. CD does the same BUT at the end they add in a little, "At present, the relations between China and Vietnam maintain a momentum of development." That is strange knowing that Vietnam is the first protester in this event.
    So yeah, Have a good night Mr. H.
    P.S. tried too keep it short and stuff.

  25. Both articles resume all they know about the bombing that happened earlier the same day (10/01/2016):
    It is the third time a MSF-backed or related hospital has been bombed in Yemen, killing four people and leaving 10 injured in the Yemen’s northern Razeh district, and those who might have lead the attack remain unknown.
    BBC claims that the attack took place in the Sadaa province, “a Houthi stronghold”, the four killed actually worked for the hospital, and the missiles came from either Saudi-led warplanes or a rocket shot at ground level. The article later mentions a Human Rights Watch campaign against the Houthis for their detention of about 35 people captured in autumn and about 800 disappearances, with practically all of them belonging to Islah, a political party opposed to the Houthi.
    Lucas Tournier

  26. Growing Instabilities in Thailand

    The Bangkok Post:
    The article catches the reader's attention by seeming about children acting themselves against the budget freeze on Thai Health because they are part of an association, which is cut out. However, the text is actually mostly about the Thai Health grantees having issues with the new budget freeze placing them in difficult situations.

    The telegraph:
    A first-page story written in the Thai department of an English newspaper did not appear in the Thai's national news. About two weeks after the two suspects, of the two English backpackers’ death in 2014, were charged as the definite murders, another British man, having the same last name as one of the travelers, was found dead in his hotel swimming pool on the same island the backpackers were.


    This article starts off by talking about a Swiss missionary that was kidnapped last week by an unknown group (at the time) but then segways into talking about the conflict as a whole. reminders of the conflict and how it evolved that are preceded by three paragraphs on how the civilians think the security forces are incompetent and should do a better job. Whether or not this is pro-French intervention is hard to know.

    Same story only, this time, it has been confirmed that AQMI has done it. The Swiss woman had already been captured 3 years ago and was set free on these terms."The only condition that we imposed was that she stayed out of the country. She abuses of the poverty and ignorance of our children Article is very matter of faculty and stays on the story of this woman and how they will help her.

  28. About a week ago, a suicide car bomb went off a restaurant in Afghanistan.
    There are at least three casualties and 15 wounded in this incident. Al Jazeera ties this attack to already difficult peace talks and the upcoming talk in Pakistan about the Taliban.
    The New York Times wrote a similar title to the one from Al Jazeera, however they focused more on the description of the attacked site and the disturbance it caused.

  29. FROM ANTOINE : Arab Israeli Leader: 'We Are Living Proof That Arabs And Jews Can Refuse To Be Enemies'
    In this article the leader of the arab political party in Israel accuses the ‘racist’ Israeli government of oppressing both Palestinians and Israelis and American government of not helping cease the conflict. Palestinian circus performer jailed 'for no reason'
    This article explains how people can be imprisoned for indefinite periods of time without reason or trial.

    Boko Haram:
    Suspected boko haram attacks rock Maiduguri-
    Several Boko Haram suicide bombers set off their bombs killing 15 people. This happened a few days before the deadline that the president had set for the group’s expiration. The information is based on suspicions and witnesses which allows the reader to know that the information may be false.
    Boko haram attacks northeast Nigerian city, town, 80 killed-
    Suicide bombers and explosions kill 80 people in total. This source provides information on what happened earlier in time, which is confusing and is not based on suspicions, which seems a little arrogant or inaccurate, considering the fact that my other source says otherwise.


    This two articles both discuss the arrest of 2 middle-eastern men related to terror activity.

    The CNN article focuses on the two individuals and the debate around letting refugges into US terrirtory.

    However the second article from fox news mainly discusses the issue of letting refugges into the country and how Obama will face negative reactions towars his decision concercning the issue. It merely mentions the arrest made.

    This article is from, a Pakistani news source. Here, General Raheel Sharif's valiant exploits are depicted, but nowhere do the authors state his involvement in politics. They simply keep him to image of a soldier doing everything a soldier who loves his country would do, and not comparing him at all to the prime minister. However, in the comments, there is a lot of support for general Sharif, and a preference for him over their own prime minister.
    In this article, taken from the India Times, General Sharif is portrayed in more of a political light, and is shown to be the perfect leader. Furthermore, in the comments section, one can see adversity towards the prime minister, and general support from the indian side for the general.

  33. -Al Jazeera

    “Israel kills suspect in the deadly Tel Aviv shootings”

    The headline is clear: “Israel has caused YET ANOTHER death.” However, the title and the expression “Tel Aviv shootings” is ambiguous enough to misunderstand the actual event. Indeed, this headline makes it sound like a random suspect was killed in the middle of overwhelming fighting from both sides. Al Jazeera only goes on to describe later on in the article that it was in fact a Palestinian citizen of Israel who opened fire in a popular bar and in the streets of Tel Aviv. They conclude the article with the phrase “Israeli soldiers or settlers since Oct. 1 have shot and killed at least 149 Palestinians, including unarmed protesters, bystanders and alleged attackers. Palestinian assailants have since Oct. 1 killed 23 Israelis, including soldiers and civilians.” This sentence seems completely nonsequential with the rest of the article, and yet it fits in perfectly with their trend to demonise Israel. They also choose to specify the population killed differently. Al Jazeera highlights the fact that Israeli soldiers kill UNARMED protesters and other various innocent populations, ignoring completely Palestinian armed forces. However, on the Palestinian side of things, they highlight the fact that they have killed soldiers and civilians, a generic term that does not inspire as much compassion or anti-Palestinian sentiment as “unarmed protesters” does for Israel.

    -The Guardian

    “Israeli police kill suspect in New Year's Day Tel Aviv shooting”

    This article of the Guardian presents the same event, but in a very different manner. Indeed, the headline is much clearer that Israel has killed a suspect for a very particular, and justifiable, reason, as opposed to just another death to add to the figures. This article goes into some detail about the specific attack that took place in Tel Aviv on Jan. 1st, then goes on to give some background on the suspect and the manhunt that ensured before killing him. They do not conclude the article on an anti-Israeli sentiment, contrarily to Al Jazeera, but on an empowering quote coming from the Israeli defence minister, proclaiming that they will continue to protect their country from danger- in a wide sense of the term, non specific to Palestinians.


    The article talks about American complaints on cyber security breaches and how Obama wants to make a federal law to prevent malwares.

    The article shows us how common American websites and inventions can be used to spread bad influence if it ends up in the wrong hands.