Monday, October 12, 2015

UK universities

Hi all

After attending the UK universities meeting last Thursday, Madeleine has put a lot of work into putting together some information for you all. Enjoy, and say thanks when you see her!

Imperial College, King’s College, UCL, LSE

General information about London as a city-
  • lots of cultural activities
  • reduced prices for students
  • it’s not as expensive as everyone says: being a student in London is the “cheapest it gets”

General information for all four universities-
  • centrally based
  • have student accommodation (dorms)
  • top schools- very academically elite
  • part of the Erasmus program

Imperial College-
  • 10 distinct departments: science, engineering, natural sciences, medicine
  • part of the top five best engineering university worldwide
  • no undergraduate business program
  • small learning groups, labs, lectures
  • great facilities
  • very selective- for academically able students
  • active students- several ongoing global projects
  • possibility of studying abroad- US, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia
  • new engineering and science summer school- two weeks in the heart of London

King’s College-
  • several campuses
  • 9 schools of study- art, humanities, natural sciences, law, business management, nursing/pharmacy, psychology/psychiatry, healthcare, dental institute
  • also- mathematical sciences, physics
  • 25,000 students- very international

  • 38 different undergraduate degrees
  • some courses: economics, political science, anthropology, social sciences (global reputation for social sciences)
  • inter-disciplinary
  • hands-on education- real-world focus
  • highest percentage of world-leading research in the UK
  • academically elite- 17 000 applicants for 1700 spots

  • their ideology: pushing boundaries, progress
  • some courses: medicine, law, economics, bio-medical, human sciences, engineering, arts and sciences, geography
  • broad studying, flexibility
  • small campus situated in a “leafy, quieter area” of London
  • 36 000 students
  • strong feeling of community, very international

Application process (valid for most UK schools)-
  • application deadline- 15th of january 2017, 15th of october 2016 for medicine and dentistry
  • personal statement: 75% or more academic interests- why have you chosen the course?, interest in current study, what you’re studying, interest outside classroom- relevant courses, summer schools, work experience
  • most schools interview
  • admissions tests: (bac not sufficient in most cases)
            -law: LNAT for King’s and UCL, but not for LSE
            -medicine: BMAT for Imperial and UCL, URCAT for King’s
            -maths: MAT/STEP for Imperial, STEP for UCL
  • overall necessary average of 14 to 16 ( grades vary by school and program)

  • maximum of 9000£ (about 12 150€) for all subjects
  • EU students are eligible for tuition fee loans
  • most schools have financial support packages

Additional Information-

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