Monday, October 5, 2015

Essay time!

Essay assignment:
“In 500 words, describe the conflict you are studying. The essay must include an introduction and conclusion, but  not a thesis. It must describe the length and general evolution of the conflict, the names, motivations and relative strength of each actor, and any larger global threats posed by a bigger conflict."

Take your time and be confident. 
Theoretically, you should have all this information in your previous blog posts. However, do not just cut and paste your posts into a doc!! In order to produce a proper essay, you will have to re-read and reorganize your existing work, and possibly complement it with a little more research.

This is due on Sunday night. You have to turn it in electronically (though NOT in a blog post). The best way is to share a Google doc with me, giving me editing privileges: that way I can annotate and comment on your essay and you can get it back as soon as I'm done.

Good luck!

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