Saturday, October 31, 2015

Phase 2, week 2

Due on the night before we get back!

This should now only cover what has happened in the last week, unless it's really important to know about something that happened beforehand.

You don't have to cite your sources until next week, but if you do, that's good too.

Enjoy these last few precious hours before everything starts up again!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Phase 2! (Week 1)

Hi all

Here is where you can post your first "update" entry.

Remember that the Council on Foreign Relations page for each of your conflicts has a "Breaking News" link in the middle column. You don't have to get your news from there, but you can if you need to.

 For this first week, the information can go back to September, though it doesn't have to.
You don't yet need to keep track of the news sources.
You should try to look at several sources, not simply summarize one news story.

It ought to be between 100 and 200 words.
You must have the name of the conflict at the top of your post as a title (and no, the title isn't part of the word count!).

Monday, October 12, 2015

UK universities

Hi all

After attending the UK universities meeting last Thursday, Madeleine has put a lot of work into putting together some information for you all. Enjoy, and say thanks when you see her!

Imperial College, King’s College, UCL, LSE

General information about London as a city-
  • lots of cultural activities
  • reduced prices for students
  • it’s not as expensive as everyone says: being a student in London is the “cheapest it gets”

General information for all four universities-
  • centrally based
  • have student accommodation (dorms)
  • top schools- very academically elite
  • part of the Erasmus program

Imperial College-
  • 10 distinct departments: science, engineering, natural sciences, medicine
  • part of the top five best engineering university worldwide
  • no undergraduate business program
  • small learning groups, labs, lectures
  • great facilities
  • very selective- for academically able students
  • active students- several ongoing global projects
  • possibility of studying abroad- US, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia
  • new engineering and science summer school- two weeks in the heart of London

King’s College-
  • several campuses
  • 9 schools of study- art, humanities, natural sciences, law, business management, nursing/pharmacy, psychology/psychiatry, healthcare, dental institute
  • also- mathematical sciences, physics
  • 25,000 students- very international

  • 38 different undergraduate degrees
  • some courses: economics, political science, anthropology, social sciences (global reputation for social sciences)
  • inter-disciplinary
  • hands-on education- real-world focus
  • highest percentage of world-leading research in the UK
  • academically elite- 17 000 applicants for 1700 spots

  • their ideology: pushing boundaries, progress
  • some courses: medicine, law, economics, bio-medical, human sciences, engineering, arts and sciences, geography
  • broad studying, flexibility
  • small campus situated in a “leafy, quieter area” of London
  • 36 000 students
  • strong feeling of community, very international

Application process (valid for most UK schools)-
  • application deadline- 15th of january 2017, 15th of october 2016 for medicine and dentistry
  • personal statement: 75% or more academic interests- why have you chosen the course?, interest in current study, what you’re studying, interest outside classroom- relevant courses, summer schools, work experience
  • most schools interview
  • admissions tests: (bac not sufficient in most cases)
            -law: LNAT for King’s and UCL, but not for LSE
            -medicine: BMAT for Imperial and UCL, URCAT for King’s
            -maths: MAT/STEP for Imperial, STEP for UCL
  • overall necessary average of 14 to 16 ( grades vary by school and program)

  • maximum of 9000£ (about 12 150€) for all subjects
  • EU students are eligible for tuition fee loans
  • most schools have financial support packages

Additional Information-

Monday, October 5, 2015

Essay time!

Essay assignment:
“In 500 words, describe the conflict you are studying. The essay must include an introduction and conclusion, but  not a thesis. It must describe the length and general evolution of the conflict, the names, motivations and relative strength of each actor, and any larger global threats posed by a bigger conflict."

Take your time and be confident. 
Theoretically, you should have all this information in your previous blog posts. However, do not just cut and paste your posts into a doc!! In order to produce a proper essay, you will have to re-read and reorganize your existing work, and possibly complement it with a little more research.

This is due on Sunday night. You have to turn it in electronically (though NOT in a blog post). The best way is to share a Google doc with me, giving me editing privileges: that way I can annotate and comment on your essay and you can get it back as soon as I'm done.

Good luck!