Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Phase 1, week 2!

Hi all

You're continuing Phase 1 this week, collecting background information on the conflict. You should make sure to get the origin and length of the conflict, as well as basics about the various groups involved.

New rule! Your post can't be more than 200 words! (not including your name/conflict, and sources)

Good luck!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Round Three!

Hi all!

Welcome to the third year of this Modern Conflict project, which tracks and analyses the major conflicts of the world.

In this first part of the project, you're writing blog entries about the background of the conflict, covering the who, what, where, and why.

The "Background" rubric on the Global Conflict Tracker should be enough to get you started.

Post your entries as comments below. At the top, write your name and your conflict's title.

They should be short (150-200 words) but concise - you will put together a larger essay based on this work at the end of Phase 1: if the blog posts are good enough, the essay will be barely any work at all.

You MUST include hyperlinks to your sources, and if you're talking about more than one source, indicate it in-text.

I will grade these as check, check-plus, or check-minus. At the end of each trimester, they can boost (or lower!) your moyenne by up to one point.

Posts are due at 11pm on Sunday nights; I'll email you some feedback to help. If they're later, no feedback.
Warning! These should be quick and easy, but if you don't post at all, it counts as 10/20 in the book!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Phase 4, week 4

Hi all

This is the last week of phase 4!
(The essay is due at 11pm on May 21st)

Look back at last week's post for the details, figure out what you'll need for next week, and don't forget sources!

Good luck!

Mr. H

Friday, May 5, 2017

Phase 4, week 3

Hi all

So here, for the record, are the things you will have to cover in the phase 4 essay, for each of your countries:

What are the country's interests in the conflict?
What do they hope to achieve by their involvement?
What methods are they using to achieve those goals?
How are they viewed by other countries?

You will need three or more countries.

I advise you to try to cover one country per blog entry, to make the task easier to manage.
(I didn't say this explicitly last week, but because of the long weekend, you have until Monday night to do this).

Finally, there are only 25 comments on last week's post, and there are 37 of you... Make sure your post is there; if it's not or you've forgotten, get it done: a missed blog entry goes into the grade book as a 10/20!

Good luck!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Phase 4, Week 2

Hi all

Most of you have found one or more countries to investigate, but as you've figured out, you will have to dig for the answers you need.

Here's one lead to get you started: in terms of the country's interest in the conflict, look for information on government websites, or see what state-owned or government-friendly newspapers say; you may have to read between the lines a bit.

Good luck!

Mr. H

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Phase 4

Hi all

Phase 4 is about "spillover:" the fact that conflicts often implicate more than just the affected country. As you continue to read up on your conflict, keep track of what other nations are involved, and in your updates, focus on the following questions: How does the conflict affect other countries? What outcome do the countries hope to see? How are they attempting to realize those outcomes?

You are no longer bound to the two news sources you used in Phase 3; in fact you may find that you'll find more direct answers to your questions in more specialized sources.

As usual, keep these posts short (no more than 200 words), and link any relevant articles or commentaries.

Good luck!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Phase 3, last week!

Ok guys; last chance to prep your phase 3 essay. Like the last two weeks, check what you still need. If you've got everything you need, write an update on the conflict, from any source you like (remember to like the sources though).

Good luck!